Accelerate the talent acquisition process
for your company

We automate and simplify your recruitment process with our LinkedIn HR Solution

You might be facing issues like


Many job applicants you work with fall short


Finding the right person for the correct job position is highly exhausting.


Finding a new specialized talent every time it is required is more complicated than it should be.


You feel there is too much staff turnover


You think that filling senior positions for your clients it’s getting more and more difficult


Finding the right person for the correct job position is highly exhausting.


You feel there is too much staff turnover

What you will achieve with our

Linkedin Acquisition Solution

  • Saving time you could devote to other key areas of operations to maximize impact in your organization.
  • Growing your Linkedin network by sending connections automatically to your target audience.
  • The more connections you have, the faster you can acquire new talents.
  • Take advantage of your competition by messaging hundreds of 1st level connections in bulk.
    We know how difficult it is to find the right candidate for the right position. Especially if there is a labor shortage.
  • You are saving money by executing a new way of outreaching hundreds of candidates in a way that most of your competitors don’t.
  • By using this method, your talent acquisition cost is reduced drastically.

How it works?


We look for your target audience on LinkedIn by filtering profiles in the LinkedIn Search


We launch a campaign to outreach your target audience.
The campaign may consist of “Connections” or “Messages” sent automatically to find new specialized talents.


We evaluate performance to improve every stage of the process

Common questions about our

Linkedin Hunting Solution

How many LinkedIn invitations can be sent in a week?

LinkedIn has a limit of 100 invitations per week so we work inside those boundaries.


Does it have to be only with one LinkedIn account?

Depending on the client’s needs, we work with one or multiple LinkedIn account.

How is the automated message campaign process?

We automate the first contact message. After that, one out of 2 things may happen:

The person shows genuine interest and we arrange the meeting for you (we chat manually with the job applicant)

The person does not answer the contact message so we send an automated follow-up message.

Software we use