Shopify Ecommerce Development + Automation Integrations 

Want to get more out of your e-commerce? Get our free audit to know where your e-commerce can improve, get easy wins and grow. See what you are missing to get to your full potential in your online web presence and e-commerce capabilities.

You might be facing issues like


You just made your website and don’t know if it is well done or not.


You want to keep growing your international business and you don’t know where to start.


Your competition seems to have a nicer, better organized store.


You need to increase and improve your conversion rate.


You feel there is too many lost sales opportunities because your user experience could be better.

What you will achieve

Increased  Average Revenue per User and Better UX

  • Faster website
  • Improve and automate apps
  • Have a top-notch user experience
  • Supercharge your current abandoned cart and browser experience.
  • Increase email newsletter sigunps and upsells.
  • Have an automated Warranty and Claim management system.
  • Integrate your shopify to your CRM and B2B systems.

How does it work?

1st Step

Shopify Audit

We have a full +254 point analysis for the website to benchmark it.

2nd Module

Proposal and Discovery

After the in-depth analysis, we present the proposal where you see all the possible things to improve and upgrade on the website, and present a full fledge plan to improve the website and the different integration needs.

3rd module

Partnership and Integrations

Once decided we begin to improve the website and propose different improvements, test integrations and different UX proposals.

FAQ about Shopify Partner Package

How does the Shopify audit work?
We just need your basic information, Name, Email, Website and Company + Company Size to make an audit. We have +254 points to analyze for your website. In 2-3 business days we can give you a free version (just 42 points) or if you want a full paid audit you can ask for it via email.


What type of integrations can be included?
We have vast experience integrating ERPs (Quickbooks), CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce), and B2B systems (Brighpearl, NuOrder). Multi Country and multilingual solutions, Email CRMs, Email newsletters signup systems, sales funnels, and many other integrations and systems.
How does automated message campaign process work, do I need a specific CRM?
We automate every single step, we create the content with you (if you need it) and we take the time to configure everything for your team and the process let us lead you into what you need. We know how every CRM works and have the best practices for each. Our suggestion is to use either Hubspot or Salesforce but we have an experienced team that can manage any tasks related to CRM Configuration.

Software we use