Email Marketing Automation

Migration and expansion of their Email Marketing automation into a new era of growth. One of the most important outdoor backpacks and action sports technical backpacks from Norway, Main markets include Scandinavia, Europe, UK & USA

32 new automations

in platforms such as BtC Ometria, Shopify, Yotpo and Parcellab.

2000% growth revenue

Email broadcast and automation channel for BtC

5 markets & 3 languages

Full documentation on +300 emails on 5 different platforms & 5 different markets NO, SE, UK, EU, US.

The Client & the project

Db is a Scandinavian outdoor brand enabling meaningful journeys through award-winning design. Outdoor brand founded in Norway +10 years ago Since 2009, Db has been focused on developing the best products for convenient travel.

Their bags, backpacks, technical backpacks, and luggage have received international attention, and in 2012 their ski bag was a finalist for Innovation of the Year at the largest sporting goods trade show in the world – ISPO in Munich, Germany. A recent hit has been their luggage which has won multiple design awards (Red Dot among others).

Their main focus is to expand their offering in the EU, the UK, and the US, their strongest markets at the time we started working with them were Norway and Sweden.



The Challenge & Goal

They needed a step up in their CRM Email marketing both in broadcast and in automations. The brand was quickly expanding in that area and had a huge list of subscribers but they weren’t being sent a proper welcome journey. We worked on multiple automatios to help them transition and moved current emails and placed new automation systems and audiences into Hubspot, Shopify, Yotpo (reviews), and Mention Me (Referrals).

The added challenge was that the e-commerce also had to change from Centra to Shopify. The goal was to create new and different stores for greater segmentation, special contacts, increased feedback and top-of-the-line experience for their customers according to markets/location. The best bags possible, the best service possible. These would become 5 different stores.

Over time we would need to incorporate changes, new languages French and German, Include new markets like UK, Phase out others (AU) and merge them into EU. The push to launch harder in the US market was huge as well, and over the years the strategy was adjusted to be more and more hyper-local and specific to the market. The pace of launching new product lines, colors, and collaborations was on a professional level just like any top brand with thousands of employees but this was done by a small team of 30 (now about 70 people). Collaborations and launches with great photographers, surfers, footballers you name it. We were that extra muscle that Db needed to give the full experience and communication to their clients.

The email list that was in the several thousands needed to grow to hundreds of thousands, we needed to manage and help create segmentations, and emails and link it all up, new stores, new experiences, new products, and new markets.The need for something out-of-the-ordinary was in place and Refindable found a way to manage it and drive Db into a new era.

We became a symbiotic entity that pushed the boundaries of email experiences together.

How we did it

Audits & Proposals:

Refindable did an audit of their past setup in Mailchimp + Centra and re-made + pitched a full setup for automations for the new website in Shopify and Ometria as a Email CRM System for BtC automations as well other types of automations and system support We also set a proposal for automations and we helped in every step of the process of their rebranding in their email communications.

Starter Level: Email Campaign Roadmap

  1. Welcome Purchaser
  2. Welcome non Purchaser
  3. Abandoned Browser
  4. Abandoned Basket
  5. Specific Topic or Specific Segmentation
  6. 30 days (when applicable)
  7. 60 days (when applicable)
  8. Refer a friend
  9. Review system

Documentation and visual tracking

We documented all of the current running promotions not only visually but also what their goals in various forms and files. We followed the documentation and changes of the emails over several years and months.

Over time we set up and included:

  • 18 Automations.
  • Better tracking and segmentation.
  • Languages support (FR & GE).
  • Store-specific automation (NO, SE, US, UK, EU).
  • Unique Triggers.
  • Welcome flows to new audiences.
  • Tags to specific audiences and purchasers

Excel file documentation included:

  • Names descriptions & links.
  • Market where it was active.
  • Links to designs and visual reference in Miro board (platform).
  • Link to the original brief.
  • The monetary result so far.
  • Coupon/discount codes relevant to each email sent in the email flow.

Results & benefits

This full fledged work over the span of several years resulted in a significant expansion of revenue, a well-developed and coherent welcome journey. Better descriptions of segmentations, development of clients.

A full step up in everything related to email marketing as a whole. All migrations (of systems and CRMs) are complex and difficult to manage but thanks to the precise documentation, information experience in management changes became easier and easier over time. As well as local implementation of strategies for each market.
Every single Black Friday was better than the previous one, the email list grew to a large number from several thousands to hundreds of thousands. Thanks to the work, every part of the process of creating, making, and executing email send-outs has become faster and more detailed due to the development and standardization of design elements, and documentation of email flows.

Understanding the ins and outs of each platform on how to include data and send welcome emails to event signups Reporting and updating is done in a centralized database, which allows the organization to work together more efficiently.

The numbers tell their own story. 32 automations in 5 different platforms. 5 distinct markets. Automation that brought hundreds of thousands in revenue becoming close to 30% of all ecommerce revenue. What is very hard close to impossible work for us was an amazing journey working with a beloved and innovative brand from Norway, which is compared in design to Apple.
we were a part of that international expansion into the rest of the EU (special focus on France and Germany) and their expansion in the US.

Of course, the magic is in the details, which we can’t share because that’s the secret sauce.

Want to learn more?

Email Examples

Thomas Nergaard

Head of Technology & Data

“Refindable has helped Db Journey streamline their CRM efforts and improve the organization by integrating with HubSpot and Brightpearl. We also use Shopify as an Ecomm platform so to have a bird’s eye view of the customer data seems like an impossible task. Their work and system automation/implementation has boosted our advanced reporting capabilities. Now we have a functioning and well-synced analytics tools that have provided valuable insights into customer data, allowing Db Journey to make informed business decisions and optimize marketing strategies.

Overall, Refindable has been a valuable partner in driving growth for Db Journey in many areas wholesale (B2B), CRM management for Ambassadors, CRM email marketing in (BtC), warranty and integrations a full range of solutions, and help all around!”

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What our other clients say about us

“After working with this strategy, we got 13 job applicants in only three days!
Anyone who works on recruitment should try this fabulous automated talent acquisition system”
“We had lots of requests for a highly specialized job position we couldn’t cover before implementing this Linkedin Acquisition Solution”
“Working with Refindable Staff has made my daily routine at work much more organized. Now that I work with them, I have plenty of time to attend to other key areas of my business”