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Providing the tech and growth support they needed, this is the story of how we worked with the Gnarly team to increase their monthly revenue by 41% in less than a year. What started as a 3-month project ended up being an increible partnership for years that is still live today.

41% Increase in revenue

Total DtC sales.

14,7% CTR, +11% AOV

Achieved High conversion and an increase in average order value.

+18% Store Sessions


Increase in traffic to online store

The Client & the project

Gnarly is a Salt Lake City-based company that has been in existence since 2012, dedicated to creating the highest quality sports nutrition products for all levels of performance.

Their objective was to make natural sports supplements for the functional athlete that actually taste good and use only natural ingredients. They wanted to avoid crowding the back-of-the cupboard and at the same time, offer a product that helped people explore their potential.

The Challenge & Goal

Gnarly team reached a point where they recognized the need for more complex features on their Shopify e-commerce platform, which they were struggling to manage. Furthermore, the extensive time devoted to developing product quality was draining their resources, preventing them from focusing on growing the online channel or enhancing the e-commerce experience. That’s when we started to work with them.

Initially, they approached us with specific requests related to custom development, app installments, and the implementation of Shopify Plus. As we delved into the project, we identified significant potential for collaboration, seeing ourselves as integral members of the Gnarly team, fully dedicated to enhancing conversion rates and fostering organic channel growth.

How we did it

Shopify Partner Solutions expertise & experience.

We have plenty of tried and true experience developing Shopify and Shopify Plus sites. As a certified Shopify partner, we could offer a solid solution for Gnarly which was looking for a significant improvement in sales, and conversions and to increase their average order value.  After the second month of working together, we had already completed everything and began our proposals, focusing on the conversion rate and increasing DtC (Direct-to-Consumer) revenue. The team that’s been working with them is comprised of an Account Manager, a Project Manager managing the daily operations and ensuring deliverables, a Senior Tech Shopify Developer ensuring the high-quality standard of our service, and solving complex tasks as well as quality assessment of the improvements. Lastly, we also have one Tech Analyst who provides support for more basic tasks and smaller-scale projects/sprints.




Milestones & Key Achievements

  • Creation of shipping logic code.
  • Full support for creating new landing pages: different product launches and strategies for promoting them effectively for conversion and order value increase.
  • Internal search engine optimization with various strategies.
  • Improvement of page speed performance to increase sessions.
  • Implementation and optimization of store locator, for a better local experience for consumers.
  • Implementation of UX best practices, Improvements & adjustments throughout the site.
  • Improvement of the checkout experience to increase the conversions and average order value.
  • Implementation of a new international order structure.
  • Development of entirely new sections designed for better conversion.

Results & benefits

Our main goal is to be a proactive Shopify partner providing not just basic solutions and improvements but a transcendental improvement with every e-commerce company we work with.  From day one, Gnarly was very receptive to our proposals and we worked hand in hand to make this happen.  We were a driving force being fully proactive, consistently proposing new ways every week to increase revenue, improve conversion rates, and enhance the user experience. Another key advantage is that we are not just a service provider; we have seamlessly integrated into their team. Whenever they require tech support, they can rely on our dedicated Shopify specialists who provide recommendations on how to move forward. We are constantly making proposals and improvements based on our experience with other e-commerce brands. What the gnarly team brings to the table as questions and possibilities and we always go beyond the initial work that needs to be done. 

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