SEO Improvements

Working on technical and on-page SEO, we increased traffic by improving Skida’s ranking in Google. bringing greater visibility, and visits from searches in key products (winter headgear, alpine hats, balaclavas among others.) From 30-40 in ranking to Top 5 brought a significant increase in non-branded organic traffic: +450%.

Top 5 ranking

for keywords like: Balaclava Mask, Fleece Hat, Balaclavas.

+450% Organic Traffic

Increased Non-branded Organic Traffic.

35% Revenue


Comes from the organic traffic

The Client & the project

Skida is a Vermont-based winter headgear brand. Since they began making hats in 2008, their signature line of colorful hats, headbands, and neckwear in Alpine and Nordic styles has been sewn locally in Vermont.

Skida’s mission is to bring people together, encourage play, generate smiles, and make a better place. Their objective was to maintain the sourcing and development of their limited edition, locally produced  wintersports gear.

The Challenge & Goal

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, Skida recognized the pivotal role of SEO in enhancing online visibility and engagement. As creators of vibrant hats, headbands, and neckwear in Alpine and Nordic styles, Skida aimed to elevate its digital presence. The main goal was to appear 1st page in google searches for very specific winter headgear, some were very competitive and difficult to reach.

Acknowledging the need for a robust online platform, Skida strategically aligned with us in several areas as SEO experts and as Shopify partners to optimize their e-commerce website. The challenge was twofold – integrating advanced features and maintaining a strong focus on improving ranking as well as optimizing the website as a whole.

How we did it

As we have stated, found itself in the vast digital landscape with an average Google ranking of 44 and a respectable but not groundbreaking 242,000 monthly visitors. As a team we worked with Skida a comprehensive and hands-on strategy to transform into a digital powerhouse. The journey began with an in-depth dive into the world of keywords—long-tail wonders and high-volume gems were unearthed and strategically woven into the fabric of Skida’s online presence. Every meta title, description, and header tag became a canvas for keyword optimization, creating a seamless blend of relevance and visibility.

The product pages on underwent a well-planned and worked-on transformation. Each title and description was adjusted and improved, captivating not only by looks but also by being google and search-friendly. ALT tags for product images spoke a language of relevance. URLs became much clearer and better focused on the main and most important searches, directing both users and search engines to their desired destinations.‘s content took center stage, with a meticulously crafted content calendar ensuring a steady flow of fresh, relevant material. A content gap analysis revealed tons of available avenues of growth.

The technical backbone received a thorough examination, thanks to tools like Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and Google Search Console. Broken URLs were adjusted and structured with 301 redirects, while the website architecture was fine-tuned for optimal crawlability.

Shopify SEO apps added to this work, automating tasks and ensuring that no SEO stone was left unturned. Canonical tags quelled the specter of duplicate content. A very important point was page speed found redemption through Shopify’s tools and strategic optimizations.

The mobile experience became a focal point, ensuring that users on the go found just as enchanting. The blog, seamlessly integrated into the Shopify store, became staple of information, and speed, cross-linked with product pages for a journey of product discovery.

As the URL structure underwent a facelift and the Online Store Speed Report was diligently monitored,‘s story in the digital landscape transformed.

Structured data markup, courtesy of, added a layer of sophistication to product presentations, enhancing rich snippets in search results and bringing more traffic, clicks and revenue over time.

Google Analytics (GA4) became a trusted companion, revealing the secrets of user behavior and traffic sources, and guiding our joint actions in refining strategies.

With a meticulously crafted XML sitemap submitted to Google Search Console,‘s digital presence stood fortified. Customer reviews and ratings adorned product pages, a testament to Skida’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Results & benefits

The results? A leap from the shadows of position 44 to the spotlight of 26.9, and a traffic surge from 242,000 to a staggering 1.83 million. In the digital symphony orchestrated for Skida, each SEO strategy played a note, creating a harmonious crescendo of success for this Vermont-based headgear marvel.

Balaclava Mask , Fleece Hat , Ski Mask, Brim Hat, Balaclavas All increased their ranking positions and their impact in organic search was felt in the overall site traffic.

Check out this chart below for the full detail:

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