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Efficient Expansion: Elevating Alkeme’s revenue by 138% through simplified digital solutions

+54% Online Sessions

Increased visits to their B2B website.

138% Revenue Increase

in their B2B sales through their ecommerce.

+15% AOV increase

Improved & increased average order value in B2B.

The Client & the project

Alkeme is a BC based (Canada), Family-owned Gluten Free Artisan Bakery

Their passion for craft bread has taken a new form and is dedicated to reinventing it for the ever-expanding community of people living with food sensitivities. They spend their days crafting wildly fermented sourdough breads. Deeply rooted in centuries-old artisan bread process, their Gluten Free Breads bring timeless technique, a robust depth of flavor, and unmatched texture to the forefront. Beautiful & delicious in its simplicity. The project was simple, let them focus on their business, while we solved the tech stack in their ecommerce.



The Challenge & Goal

At our first meeting with Alkeme, we encountered a couple skillfully managing every aspect of their fast-growing business, from production to digital presence, finance, and logistics. Their dedication was impressive, yet it underscored a significant challenge: the increasing difficulty of handling such a diverse range of tasks, especially as their business expanded.

Their requests were straightforward but critical: streamline the wholesale process, integrate their accounting software with Shopify, and refine their email automation. It was clear they understood their needs, but there were areas in digital management they hadn’t yet considered.

Our goal was to simplify and scale Alkeme’s operations. By reducing their involvement in complex technical tasks, we aimed to increase their focus on their artisanal craft, thereby enhancing profitability and sustainable business growth. Our strategy was to not just address their known needs but also to unlock new opportunities for efficiency and success in their digital operations.

How we did it

Tackling Immediate Needs:

Our first step with Alkeme was to swiftly address their specific requests. We began by developing a custom B2B portal, a solution tailored to streamline their wholesale process. This portal was designed to reflect the user-friendly experience of their direct-to-consumer (D2C) site, making it easier and faster for B2B customers to place orders. Note that this was before Shopify B2B in 2021.

Integrating Email Automation:

Beyond the portal, we focused on enhancing customer engagement. By implementing targeted email automation, we were able to effectively reach out to B2B customers, treating them with the same personalized care as D2C customers. We helped with all the triggers while Alkeme focused on the e-mails.

Creating Backend Integrations:

The front-end development was crucial, but so was ensuring seamless backend operations. We set up integrations for automatic invoice generation, tax reporting, and other essential functions. This step was key in reducing manual labor and improving overall efficiency.

Establishing an Ongoing Partnership:

Once the specific tasks were completed, our relationship with Alkeme evolved. We transitioned into a role where we continuously supported them with their technical needs. More importantly, during quieter times, we proactively focused on initiatives to improve their website’s conversion rate and organic search presence.

In this ongoing relationship, our commitment is to ensure Alkeme’s digital platform not only supports but also enhances their business growth, allowing them to concentrate on their art of bread-making while we handle the technicalities.



Results & benefits

The most significant outcome of our collaboration with Alkeme is a 138% increase in B2B revenue since our partnership began. This growth is notable not just in terms of revenue, but also because it was achieved with minimal expansion of their team, adding just two new members. This efficiency highlights the effectiveness of our digital solutions in enabling lean yet robust operational growth. Our achievement in this project goes beyond numbers; it lies in enabling Alkeme to focus on their core business of crafting artisanal bread while we handled their technical and digital optimization. The fact that Alkeme could scale up significantly without a proportional increase in team size indicates the impact of our work.

If you are in Canada, go try their products, and tell them we say hi 😉

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