Ambassador automation

Our work relationship started in March 2020 streamlining ambassador management for growth, here is how we helped Db go from 400 Ambassadors to 8,000.

8000 Ambassadors

Up from 400 in less than a year.

3 All-New programs

Student, Pro and Youtube program.

Discount Code Automation

To avoid any discount leakage & have a correct tracking of the impact.

The Client & the project

Db is a Scandinavian outdoor brand enabling meaningful journeys through award winning design.

Since 2009, Db has been focused on developing the best products for convenient travel. Their bags have received international attention, and in 2012 their ski bag was a finalist for Innovation of the Year at the largest sporting goods trade show in the world – ISPO in Munich, Germany.

The Challenge & Goal

In 2020, Db had successfully built a network of 400 brand ambassadors, managed by a team of three. This network was vital in connecting the brand with its audience, but as the program grew, so did its challenges.

The main issue was the process of managing ambassador applications. Most of these came in through email, and the team manually entered each one into a Google Sheet. They communicated directly with each applicant, deciding whether to accept or reject them. While this method worked initially, it was clear that it wouldn’t be sustainable as the number of ambassadors grew. Db was ready to bring different types of ambassadors, like students, employee programs, and YouTubers; Which meant that a system in place was crucial.

Moreover, Db needed a better way to track the activities of these ambassadors. They needed to know which products were given to whom and what activities or promotions the ambassadors were involved in. This level of detail was essential for understanding the impact of the program and ensuring it aligned with Db’s marketing strategies.

The team at Db realized that to expand their ambassador program, they needed a new approach. The goal was to develop a system that could handle a larger number of ambassadors efficiently, without losing the personal touch that was key to their existing relationships. Additionally, this system needed to provide effective tracking to monitor the program’s success and the ambassadors’ activities.

How we did it

Solution Enhancement

Once we had the demands, we focused on automation to scale the ambassador program efficiently. Our objective was clear: to expand the network of ambassadors without proportionally increasing our management workforce.

Strategic Software Selection

The initial phase involved critical decision-making to identify the ideal software platform. Given Db’s ongoing transformation in managing B2B sales and customer service, we selected HubSpot as a comprehensive solution. This choice was pivotal, aligning with our holistic approach to streamline operations.

Developing the Ambassador Program within HubSpot

The early weeks were dedicated to collaborative sessions with Db’s team to understand and assimilate their internal processes deeply. This joint approach ensured the development of an efficient system, resonated well with the team, and encouraged active utilization.


Tailored Features and Automated Processes

Understanding the various ambassador categories and essential data requirements was critical. With this insight, we engineered a robust framework within HubSpot, comprising:

  • Customized landing pages for prospective ambassadors and each of the different programs, facilitating a streamlined application process.
  • Intelligent automated user flows for applicant evaluation and selection, tailored to their profiles.
  • Automated email communications for welcoming new ambassadors or, when necessary, conveying polite rejections.
  • Automatic generation of personalized promo codes, coupled with UTM and referral codes for precise performance tracking.
  • Referral system enhancements to stimulate ambassador network growth.
  • Advanced and precise ambassador seeding runs with unique codes, specific filtered lists, and special conditions (Bigger discounts for those who are Tier 1 ambassadors, Less discounts for those who are Tier 2 Ambassadors.)

Results & benefits

This strategic implementation resulted in significant time-saving for the ambassador team, conservatively estimated savings of hundreds of hours of manual work and menial management tasks. Crucially, this efficiency also included a high level of detail and personalization. Our system maintained the personalized touch in communications with ambassadors that Db was looking for, reinforcing the strength and authenticity of these very important relationships.

The work is still done manually for key and the most relevant ambassadors, but now reporting and updating is done in a centralized database, which allows the organization to work together more efficiently.

The numbers tell their own story. From a humble family of 400 ambassadors in 2020, we watched in awe as the family grew to over 8,000 by 2023. This wasn’t just growth; it was a 12-fold leap! Alongside this, new programs flourished the Pro Program, Student Program, Employee Program, and YouTube Ambassadors – each adding its unique tint to the Db landscape.

Of course, the magic is in the details, which we can’t share because that’s the secret sauce.

Want to learn more?

Db Ambassadors

Thomas Nergaard

Head of Technology & Data

“Refindable has helped Db Journey streamline their CRM efforts and improve the organization by integrating with HubSpot and Brightpearl. We also use Shopify as an Ecomm platform so to have a bird’s eye view of the customer data seems like an impossible task. Their work and system automation/implementation has boosted our advanced reporting capabilities. Now we have a functioning and well-synced analytics tools that have provided valuable insights into customer data, allowing Db Journey to make informed business decisions and optimize marketing strategies.

Overall, Refindable has been a valuable partner in driving growth for Db Journey in many areas wholesale (B2B), CRM management for Ambassadors, CRM email marketing in (BtC), warranty and integrations a full range of solutions, and help all around!”

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