SEO Improvements

Working on technical and on-page SEO, we increased traffic by improving non-branded Organic traffic. YoY 4x increase. Positioning on keywords that have brought more Sales-qualified leads than ever. 

4x YoY ranking

Increase in Non-branded, Organic traffic

Increase average position

 +20 and +45 increased rank positions in main keywords.

+4k Clicks


Highly qualified organic traffic that are SQLs (Sales qualified leads).

The Client & the project

Founded in 2014, Clarity is a pioneering company specializing in air sensing technology, IoT devices, and data analytics. With a mission to revolutionize the understanding and response to air pollution, Clarity has successfully deployed its highly accurate indicative air quality monitoring networks in over 70 countries. The company empowers its customers to build healthier communities by providing them with invaluable data on air quality.

As we started speaking, and we knew that they are our type of clients, we made a perfect fit. They are people who through their passion for helping others and building a better world, bring a better quality of life to millions. They do it through something as basic and universal that is the air we breathe.

They needed an extra hand in showing more of their solutions on Google and for those searching for better air quality in several places, countries, organizations & companies. We were 100% up to the challenge.

The Challenge & Goal

Clarity approached our SEO team intending to enhance their online visibility and drive organic traffic to their platform. As a company operating in the niche field of air quality monitoring, it was crucial for Clarity to establish itself as a thought leader and attract relevant stakeholders, including environmental organizations, policymakers, and communities concerned about air pollution.

They are operating in several countries across the world and they were keen on looking for more attention from certain searches that are from very qualified and important sales leads. Also, there was a challenge to get local, they needed more traffic from people looking in specific cities, London, LA, San Francisco among others.

They weren’t sure how to begin but we had a clear goal and the tools to help them breathe a gasp of fresh air with new sales-qualified leads.

How we did it

To expand Clarity’s reach toward sales-qualified leads and rankings, we faced the challenge of enhancing its modest but super-targeted Google ranking and monthly visitors.

Keyword Research: With a hands-on approach, we conducted in-depth keyword research, strategically integrating long-tail and the highest-volume keywords into meta tags and headers.seizing some low-hanging fruits as well as certain SEO opportunities.

On-page changes: Product pages underwent optimization, with improved titles, descriptions, and ALT tags for enhanced search engine visibility. The content strategy included a well-planned calendar, addressing gaps, and establishing Clarity’s industry authority.

Technical improvements: Using tools like Ahrefs and Google Search Console addressed broken URLs and optimized website architecture. Shopify SEO apps automated tasks, focusing on canonical tags for duplicate content and optimizing page speed.

Optimization and speed: Mobile optimization and seamless blog integration improved the user experience. A revamped URL structure and monitoring of the Online Store Speed Report transformed’s digital narrative.

Structured data: markup through enhanced product presentations, driving increased traffic and revenue. Google Analytics (GA4) insights guided ongoing refinements in strategy.

Sitemap re-generation: A meticulously crafted XML sitemap fortified’s digital presence. Customer reviews and ratings highlighted Clarity’s commitment to quality. In summary, our streamlined SEO approach positioned Clarity as a leader in air quality monitoring with improved rankings, user experience, and industry relevance.

Results & benefits

The results? A leap from the shadows of position lower than 45 to the spotlight of 19 and a traffic surge from couple hundred to an interesting and very impactful 4.29k. The air was cleared on this one we had made some great advances with very specific and important keywords.

General ranking increase in specific keywords, overall improvement to non-branded organic traffic.

Check out this chart below for the full detail.

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