Increase your CTR and AOV

with a Free Shopify & SEO ecommerce Audit 

Feel stuck with your ecommerce? Do you want to get more out of it? Get our free audit to know where your e-commerce can improve, get easy wins, and grow. Achieve your full potential in your online web presence and e-commerce capabilities.

With this audit you will know:

  • How to get a faster website
  • Basic 42-point, UX, cart and search analysis
  • Clear self-benchmarking and industry standards.
  • Expert opinion on improvements that can be implemented
  • Easy wins and small changes you can add to your e-commerce for better CTR.
  • SEO improvements that can change completely your SEO strategy.

Software we use

FAQ about Shopify Partner Package

How does the Shopify audit work?

We just need your basic information, Name, Email, Website and Company + Company Size to make a sample audit.  In 2-3 business days we can give you a free version (just 42 points) or if you want a full paid audit you can ask for it via email. In total We have +254 points to analyze for your website


What type of integrations can be included?

We have vast experience integrating ERPs (Quickbooks), CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce), and B2B systems (Brighpearl, NuOrder). Multi Country and multilingual solutions, Email CRMs, Email newsletters signup systems, sales funnels, and many other integrations and systems.

How does automated message campaign process work, do I need a specific CRM?

We automate every single step, we create the content with you (if you need it) and we take the time to configure everything for your team and the process let us lead you into what you need. We know how every CRM works and have the best practices for each. Our suggestion is to use either Hubspot or Salesforce but we have an experienced team that can manage any tasks related to CRM Configuration.